Updated August 13, 2003 01:00 PM

Beyoncé Knowles has some new dance steps for her new movie “The Fighting Temptations,” thanks to some lessons from veteran R&B trio the O’Jays, reports PEOPLE.

“We taught Beyoncé a move we use when we’re performing, and she wound up using it for one of the big numbers in the movie,” says member Walter Williams, 60, whose group is behind such hits as “Love Train” and “Use Ta Be My Girl.” “It’s a little technique to help us get into and out of position smoothly.”

Williams, along with fellow members Eddie Levert, 61, and Eric Grant, 42, all costar in the picture with Beyoncé, 21, and Cuba Gooding Jr. Its soundtrack, featuring a duet between the O’Jays and Knowles, is due to hit stores next Tuesday.

“She is a talented and good-looking girl, and we call her ‘Big Baby,’ because she deserves everything big that’s coming to her,” Levert told PEOPLE in Washington, D.C., after the last stop of the group’s North American tour.

As for Cuba Gooding Jr.: “He has to pretend he can sing in the movie, but he can’t. But oh, can he dance. He sure can dance. But we still taught him a few new moves,” said Williams.

The O’Jays are no strangers to dancing, having performed together for more than 40 years (newest member Grant joined a decade ago). And they believe they have a few things to teach the new generation of music stars about staying power.

“We change the way we look because our voices are never going to change. It’s all about re-inventing yourself,” said Williams.

“Eminem’s already got the imagination to stay out there,” he continued. “He’s got the image and he’s good. So is 50 Cent. Today if you’ve already got the image, you’re ahead of the game.”