Beyoncé may have looked as bootylicious as ever Wednesday night at the London premiere of her latest film, “The Fighting Temptations,” but fans should be warned not to use that particular adjective in her presence, reports PEOPLE.

“I hate … hate that word at times,” the star half-jokingly says – despite the fact that in 2001 she and Destiny’s Child caused an explosion with the chart-topping single by the same name.

Reconsidering for a moment, Beyoncé added, “It was a song that I never took seriously. I am just very happy that, at 21 years old, I have a word that I wrote in the dictionary.”

So, looking glamorous – she appears to have no problem with that word – Beyoncé graced the red carpet in a black Versace corset-inspired zip-up blazer and matching fitted, knee-length pin skirt.

The premiere was but one stop on Beyoncé’s highly successful Crazy in Love concert tour, and it’s been reported that a) she’s been trying to meet up with Prince William, and b) she’s been dropping a bundle at posh department stores. She denied both reports.

“You know, someone just told me that it was in the paper that I spent 10,000 pounds ($16,800) or something,” she says. “I haven’t really been shopping. I went one day for the MTV Awards. I got some glasses and oil, but I don’t think that was 10,000 pounds.”

So, what has she been doing? “I have been working,” she said. “I haven’t even had time to go anywhere. I haven’t done anything … but I would love to go shopping.”