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May 18, 2014 09:05 PM

They’re edgy, mysterious and coming to a city near you.

Beyoncé and Jay Z released a star-studded faux movie trailer titled Run Saturday night, just a month before they kick off their joint On the Run summer tour, reports RollingStone.com. See the video below!

The noir-ish, nearly four-minute trailer depicts the married megastars as mysterious bank robbers. Guns, cash and general steaminess abound – as do the A-list cameos.

Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Jake Gyllenhaal, Don Cheadle, Rashida Jones and Guillermo Déaz all appear on screen, plus Emmy Rossum as a cop shooting at a fugitive Queen Bey.

The plot is more than a bit vague, but highlights include seeing Beyoncé wearing what looks like a wedding dress and veil while riding on the back of Jay-Z’s motorcycle, watching her sew up a nasty-looking wound on his arm and, ironically, watching the duo exit an elevator before a big bank heist.

Jay-Z’s “Part II (On the Run)” plays throughout much of the trailer, which is interspersed with bits of dialogue. At one point, Beyonce dramatically chats with Lively, who asks, “What happens when it hits the fan?”

“I love him,” Beyoncé’s character tearfully declares, as Lively comforts her.

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