White's long history of animal-rights work meant nothing to the bird

By Alex Heigl
May 28, 2014 09:30 AM

Betty White has been a longtime advocate for animals – her charity work on behalf of all things furry and feathered is well-documented.

But Tuesday on The Late Late Show, she revealed to Craig Ferguson that there’s at least one member of the animal kingdom that must not have gotten the memo.

White told Ferguson that once she was driving in the country and stopped by a river to look at a swan, which apparently reacted about as well as ’80s-era Sean Penn to close scrutiny.

“This swan came out and hit me with the upper part of his wing – it was like being hit with a baseball bat I was limping [People would ask] ‘What happened, honey?’ I got hit by a swan.”

White is currently starring in Hot in Cleveland on TV Land – new episodes start June 4.

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