Jim Carrey showed up to cheer on girlfriend Renee Zellweger at last night’s New York premiere of her new movie, the oddball comedy “Nurse Betty.” “She was wonderful,” Carrey told PEOPLE as he signed autographs for screaming fans outside the theater. The two stayed during the premiere, which also attracted Gina Gershon, David Spade, Rob Morrow and two of the film’s costars, Chris Rock (he plays a hit man) and Greg Kinnear (he plays a handsome if empty soap opera star that Betty thinks is real). “I liked the challenge of playing someone who’s having a romance that’s built completely on misinformation and miscommunication,” Kinnear told PEOPLE. He went on to say that everyone had fun on the set — and “everybody got along.” That’s not necessarily a good thing, he pointed out. “No great anecdotal stories,” said Kinnear, “which is going to kill me on Letterman.” He talks to Dave tonight.