Bette Midler Shows Off Her Airy, Open N.Y.C. Penthouse

The showbiz star gave Architectural Digest a tour of her apartment

Photo: Courtesy Architectural Digest

The Divine Miss M has some divinely elegant digs.

Bette Midler took Architectural Digest inside her penthouse apartment for its June issue, and the photos are as glamorous as the triple threat herself. Overlooking Central Park’s reservoir and featuring an expansive terrace, Midler’s pad has a cozy, crafty feel despite its glamorous location on Fifth Avenue.

“My mother was a really great seamstress, really brilliant,” Midler told the magazine. “Because of her I’ve been crazy about textiles all my life. And my father painted houses for a living. I grew up around people who worked with their hands, so I love how you can see the care and affection that craftsmen pour into their creations.”

Midler lives with husband Martin von Haselberg in the sun-filled triplex, which was originally two units before being remodeled by Los Angeles architect Frederick Fisher and decorated by Fernando Santangelo.

The space’s emphasis on greenery – the terraces crawl with pink roses and aubergine clematises – is a testament to Midler’s passion for the New York Restoration Project, which plants trees and starts community gardens around the city.

“If you live in the kind of apartment that most people do, you’d want to sit on a park bench, too,” Midler says. “I lived that way for years when I moved to New York.”

No need to find a bench now: Her gorgeous living room’s windowed wall offers plenty of natural light and a stunning view of the park.

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