The reality star displayed her usual candor during a panel discussion in N.Y.C. on Wednesday
Credit: Nomi Ellenson/Getty

Most people have cried at work at least once, but Bethenny Frankel says she’s made a career out of it.

“I made my entire living on Bravo crying for eight years,” said Frankel at a Fidelity and PureWow event and panel discussion in N.Y.C. on Wednesday, when asked if she’s ever cried at work.

The waterworks are set to continue for Frankel, 44, who is returning to The Real Housewives of New York City for the show’s seventh season.

At the event, the reality star also dished on what she was like during her college days – and she didn’t sugarcoat them.

“I had a big Jew ‘fro, bright red lipstick, and I was as tan as could be. Did I think I would be sitting next to someone who speaks five languages?” she said of co-panelist Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (co-founder of GILT and CEO of Glam Squad). “All I do is drink alcohol! I studied psychology – you see how far that got me,” joked the star.

However, the Skinnygirl founder was significantly less self-deprecating about her professional accomplishments: “I started with my cookie business. I gave cookies to anyone and everyone: When I left someone’s house, when I was meeting up with people to get my name out there. No one knew if I was successful or not, but they knew … she’s not lazy, this bitch is going.”

Despite all her success, the now-single reality star says she’s still a cautious spender.

“Relationships with money could be a lot like your relationships with food, family … a lot of noise around it. I still can’t believe I can buy some things sometimes. I call my financial adviser all the time to ask if I can buy certain things. I’m like, ‘I can buy a purse?’ ”

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