Hoppy was arrested in January following Frankel claims that he threatened her after showing up at their 6-year-old daughter Bryn's school

Bethenny Frankel‘s ex-husband Jason Hoppy appeared in court and rejected a plea offer on Monday over the harassment and stalking charges that she brought against him earlier this year, according to the NY Daily News.

The New York District Attorney’s Office confirmed the following to PEOPLE: “Jason Hoppy rejected the plea offer, which was pleading to a harassment violation with a requirement of anger management and a full and final order of protection in favor of the defendant. There is still a temporary order of protection in place for the defendant.”

Hoppy, 46, was arrested on Jan. 27 after the Real Housewives of New York City star claimed he threatened her after showing up at their 6-year-old daughter Bryn’s school.

PEOPLE reached out to both Hoppy and Frankel’s lawyers who had no comment.

“[Hoppy] approached [Frankel] and a friend at her child’s school at around 8:15 a.m. and tried to provoke a fight,” an NYPD spokesperson previously told PEOPLE. According to the spokesperson, “He said, ‘I will destroy you, you can get all the lawyers you want, you’ve been warned.’ ”

The spokesperson added that Frankel claimed Hoppy “had sent numerous emails and FaceTime calls numbering in the hundreds after a cease and desist letter was sent on Nov. 22, 2016.”

Frankel’s attorney Barry Zone told PEOPLE the star’s decision to report Hoppy’s “abusive behavior followed years of systematic bullying, harassment, stalking and torment on an almost daily basis.”

Following his arrest, Hoppy was charged with harassment in the first degree and stalking in the fourth degree. PEOPLE also confirmed that a judge issued a restraining order against him at his arraignment.

Hoppy denied the charges and his former attorney Robert C. Gottlieb told PEOPLE in a statement: “There are no words to express how saddened Mr. Hoppy is over his ex-wife’s unjustified actions. His only concern is his daughter and intends to vigorously fight these false charges.”

Frankel and Hoppy announced their split in December 2012 after three years of marriage, and their divorce was finalized last July.

The Bravo star has previously been open about her struggles throughout the lengthy and contentious divorce proceedings that followed, previously telling PEOPLE that it’s “gone on way too long.”

“I feel like I’m on the 18th hole of the golf round now. I feel like we’re here,” Frankel said last April. “I feel like I survived something. When it all shakes down, I’ll be a woman who has not kind of just felt backed into a corner. I stayed strong and I did what was best for myself, my daughter, for women.”