The pro surfer and inspirational speaker announces her engagement on her blog

By Rennie Dyball
May 07, 2013 05:30 PM
Courtesy Adam Dirks

Bethany Hamilton is getting married!

The championship surfer, who lost her arm at age 13 in a shark attack, shared the happy news on her blog Wednesday.

In a post titled “In Love,” Hamilton, 23, describes her fiancé Adam. “The first thing we did was jump off a cliff together!” she writes, adding their first meeting last spring was something of a blind date.

On April 9, Adam proposed.

Hamilton does not provide her fiancé’s last name on her blog, though the Christian Today identifies him Adam Dirks.

“I know Adam and I are right for each other and that God has us together for Him,” Hamilton writes on her blog. “Neither of us is perfect, but in my eyes Adam is just right and I’m thankful to have someone so perfectly perfect to share life with as one.”

After her horrific injury in 2003 turned her into an overnight celebrity of sorts, Hamilton inspired people around the world with her return to surfing. She went pro in 2007, shared her story in a book, Soul Surfer, which eventually became a major motion picture and remains an inspirational figure to many.

“I’m so thankful for you and look forward to living life together! Adam, I love you and I’m here to stay!” Hamilton blogs.

Adds her fiancé on a guest blog post: “Right away I could tell she was pretty cool (I mean she jumped a 40 foot cliff into the ocean with me!), she’s down to earth, and I could tell she understood my heart for The Lord and others; and I saw her heart as well.”