Here are the images that inspired us, made us laugh and gave us the requisite energy to face the upcoming year

By Maria Yagoda
Updated December 20, 2016 01:12 PM
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

The year 2016 was … a lot.

Fortunately for the universe, the Internet dutifully provided a record number of viral photos that changed us for the better. (We’re using the term “record number” very loosely here; we hope you don’t mind.)

As we avoid finalizing our New Year’s Eve plans and continue to eat Christmas cookies until we can no longer feel things, we’re revisiting the 19 photos that inspired us, made us laugh and gave us the requisite energy to face the upcoming year.

1. A young boy loved potatoes.

2. A mom refused to share her glory.

3. This cat was the reason for the season.

4. Ken Jennings made a really good joke.

5. A dog rode a train like a human.

6. A professional wrestler cropped two fans out of a photo.

7. The Sephora struggle continued to be real.

8. This proposal was magic.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio and Barack Obama met, and the Internet was never the same again.

10. This corgi had a body that was too legit to quit.

11. Pancake instructions got really real.

12. This dog put two balls in his mouth, and it was exquisite.

13. This medieval painting understood us on a spiritual level.

14. Bella Hadid strutted past her ex in a way we could only fantasize about.

15. A milk carton got existential.

16. “Honey Bun Baby” stole the Internet’s heart and never gave it back.

17. This dog could not believe he met the IRL version of his favorite toy.

18. A child was typecast.

19. This father was Steve from Blues Clues.

Twitter, never stop being Twitter. We hope this list serves as a reminder of the Internet’s ever-increasing importance in the dissemination of information.