Your Guide to Dropping the Best TV Lines of 2015

Twitter is sharing the best one-liners of the year, and you need them to spice up your daily life

Photo: Bravo

Twitter users are offering up their #BestTVLines2015, and they’ve got a lot to add to your daily vernacular.

Whether it’s the wise words of an all-too “cool” housewife, the preferred salutation of a tyrannical sorority leader or a star lawyer’s no-holds-barred philosophy, the quotes from these shows will ensure you’ll always have just the right thing to say. Consult our handy guide, and then go forth and slay:

When you want to speak your truth with eloquence:

When you’re announcing your arrival:

When someone is crushing your vibe:

When you manage to drop the sarcasm and be sincere for once:

When you’re defending your love of erotic science fiction:

When the status quo ain’t got nothing on you:

When haters are hating on your perfection:

When you’re offering up some encouragement the only way you know how:

When you need to convince someone that breakup was for the better:

When you aren’t above holding a grudge:

When you’re trying to keep the chill in the unchillest of circumstances:

When you’re feeling generous, but also not really:

When society is falling apart, but you won’t give up:

When you just want to be the voice of your generation:

Didn’t see you’re favorite one-liner? Let it shine in the comments below!

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