May 04, 2018 11:59 AM

Much like the rest of the Internet, we’ve reveled in the sweet advice generously offered by celeb mother-daughter duos (like Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson!) and, of course, our own moms’ wise words.

Moms do know best, after all — and these Reddit users are well aware of that as they share the priceless advice their moms have imparted on them over the years:

1. “Everything happens for a reason, you just won’t know the reason until you’re ready to accept it.”

2. “Treat others equally, be giving without expecting gratitude and stand up for what you believe in.”

3. “Saving up is hard, finding something to spend it on isn’t. Save up now and figure out what to spend it on later.”

4. “Always be independent. Never rely completely on someone else’s income.”

5. ” ‘Follow peace.’ Every major decision I make now, I just go with what my gut tells me. I can make all the pros and cons lists I want, but the best way to find direction in life has always been to listen to how I feel about what I’m about to do.”

6. “Never walk with empty hands. It really helps with keeping a house tidy.”

7. “My mom would always tell me and my sisters: ‘With beauty comes pain.’ Made sense considering she was never gentle about brushing our hair.”

8. “If it’s not butter, don’t butter — what’s point in eating anything if it doesn’t taste good?”

9. “Always moisturize your skin.”

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10. “Whether it’s that carton of orange juice in the fridge or a relationship, it’s always better to finish one thing before you start another.”

11. “Life sucks sometimes, so make sure to grab onto any ‘small happy’ that you can and enjoy it. Colorful underpants? Cheesy music? Keeping a fuzzy little Troll doll on your dresser? Go for it!”

12. “She would always say, ‘Don’t go to bed with a dirty kitchen.’ I hate waking up to dishes in the sink, and something about keeping the kitchen clean spreads to the rest of the house.”

13. “Never wake a sleeping child. Always feed a hungry child.”

14. “Don’t pay interest on a debt you don’t yet owe.”

15. “My mom would always say, ‘I promised myself I would never forget what it felt like to be 16 years old.’ I’ve found it successful to remember how it felt to be a teen, and to see things from my child’s perspective.”

16. “Don’t wear your hair down under a hat. Always pin it or tie it up.”

17. ” ‘Enjoy every stage of your life.’ She told me this when my friends started settling down and buying houses. So I enjoyed being single and traveled all over the world. Then I enjoyed settling down myself. And then being married. And now having a newborn. I can’t travel now but that’s okay — that’s not the stage we’re in. It’s good advice, I think, and helps avoid comparisons with others.”

18. ” ‘It’s not a good deal if you don’t need it.’ I don’t shop sales or buy something just because.”

Entries have been edited for length and clarity.

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