'Best Man' Best Movie

The opening weekend of the romantic comedy “The Best Man,” with Taye Diggs and Nia Long, topped a so-so box office — thanks, say experts, to the strong sales of the movie’s soundtrack CD and to its studio’s extensive e-mail campaign. However, the movie’s total take was the lowest for any weekend’s No. 1 film this year, mainly because most people were home watching the baseball World Series. Also worth noting is that business for “Fight Club,” starring Brad Pitt, plummeted 42% from its first weekend (a bad sign), and “Crazy in Alabama,” starring Melanie Griffith, barely made $1 million (an even worse sign). The weekend’s box-office estimates:

1. “The Best Man,” $9.1 million
2. “Double Jeopardy,” $7.7 million
3. “Fight Club,” $6.3 million
4. “Bringing Out the Dead,” $6.2 million
5. “The Story of Us,” $5.5 million
6. “American Beauty,” $5.4 million
7. “Three to Tango,” $4.7 million
8. “Bats,” $4.6 million
9. “Three Kings,” $4.4 million
10. “The Sixth Sense,” $4.1 million

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