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December 14, 2016 10:20 AM

In cultures around the world, the end of the calendar year marks an important moment to reflect on the twelve months past while bracing for the year to come.

Everyone has their own way of “reflecting.” Our way is revisiting all of the celebrity Instagrams this year that made us gasp, laugh, throw our phones (onto our beds, don’t worry), and immediately text our friends fire/skull/heart emojis.

We now present the 30 Instagrams that will live on in our hearts (and as screengrabs in our camera rolls) as some of the only good things to happen in 2016.

Most Adorable: Gigi Hadid

Most Patriotic: Taylor Swift

Most Nipple Positive: Bella Hadid

Most Historic: Kris Jenner

Most Likely to Inspire Us to Do More Squats: Emily Ratajkowski

Best Use of Feet: Cara Delevingne

Best Mannequin Challenge: Blac Chyna

Most Love: Kim Kardashian West

Best Use of the Emoji: Kendall Jenner

Most Distinguished: Ariana Grande

Best Boat Posing: Demi Lovato

Most Relatable: Selena Gomez

Best Use of Elevator: Nicki Minaj

Most Likely to Make Us Cry: Ashley Benson

Most FOMO-inducing: Drew Barrymore

Most Scandalous: Kylie Jenner

Most Iconic: Beyoncé

Most Sensual: Joe Jonas

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Best Random Picture of a Cute Baby: Britney Spears

Cutest Vibe: Lucy Hale

Best Use of French Fries: Keke Palmer

Best Action Shot: Zendaya

Best Sisterhood: Khloé Kardashian

Most Tear-Jerking: Blake Lively

Most #Goals: Miley Cyrus

Best Gathering of Our Favorite People: Gina Rodriguez

Best Regram: Rihanna

Best Cheek: Katy Perry

Most Surprising: Zayn Malik

Most Provocative

Our biggest wish for 2017? Well, we have two: That Justin Bieber reactivates his account and every single celeb continues to document their lives ad nauseum on the app.

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