From botching everything from the jack-o'-lantern to the "zombie finger" cookies, there are all sorts of ways to mess up your holiday preparations

By Maria Yagoda
Updated October 27, 2016 04:24 PM
Credit: Navid Baraty/Getty Images

The spookiest part of Halloween is all of the things that can go wrong.

From botching anything from the jack-o’-lantern to the “zombie finger” cookies, there are all sorts of ways to mess up your holiday preparations. Fortunately for the universe, these 13 victims of Halloween fails shared their mishaps on the Internet for us all to enjoy. (Even though we are still likely to make each and every one of these mistakes.)

1. When the zombie finger cookies turn out … wrong.

2. When you get too ambitious with the makeup.

3. When the “wizard’s nose” does not look like a wizard’s nose.

4. When the jack-o’-lantern makes no sense.

5. When your doorbell lights up in an awkward place.

6. When mold ruins everything.

7. When there is a vast disparity between expectations and reality.

8. When you arrange the pumpkins wrong.

9. When the dog is a really, really good sport.

10. When the cat is displeased.

11. When the dog shows no respect for the dead.

12. When you run out of candy.

13. When …. this happens.

If we’ve learned anything from this exercise, it’s a) don’t even bother with a pumpkin b) forgo makeup for a pre-made mask and c) your animal does not like Halloween as much as you do.