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Denise Truscello/WireImage

"2009 was the year my daddy died. 2009 was the year I lived in my car & cried myself to sleep on thanksgiving. 2019 is the year my album & song went #1. 2019 is the year I told my mama I can buy her a house. Anything can happen in a decade. Tomorrow is the beginning of ur anything."

— Lizzo, reflecting on her meteoric rise to stardom over the past decade and the importance of chasing your dreams, in a tweet captured by Essence

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Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

"Margot just impresses the bloody weasels out of me."

— Charlize Theron, on her affection for Bombshell costar Margot Robbie, to Variety

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Jake Paul Instagram
Jake Paul Instagram

"Here’s to 2020, working on us, and my new Lamborghini since I get half of everything!"

— Tana Mongeau, joking about "taking a break" from her open relationship with Jake Paul less than 6 months after their wedding, on Instagram

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Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons/Twitter. Inset: Getty Images

"Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?"

— Gene Simmons, prompting distraught foodies to flood his Twitter after revealing his unconventional breakfast hack for cold milk, on Twitter

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Kathy Griffin
Courtesy Kathy Griffin

"What was supposed to be a shallow, ‘toot it and boot it’ one-night stand has grown and flourished into something far more meaningful."

— Lily Tomlin, hilariously officiating Kathy Griffin's New Year's wedding to longtime love Randy Bick, in a video on Twitter

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Lindsay Lohan
Santiago Felipe/Getty

"I’m managing my sister, so I want to really focus on me and everything that I can do in my life and come back to America and start filming again, which I’m doing something soon in this new year. And, you know, just taking back the life I’ve worked so hard for and sharing it with my family and you guys."

— Lindsay Lohan, on her plan to return to America and resolutions for 2020, during a satellite interview with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve

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Justin Bieber Tim Hortons
Bauer-Griffin/GC Images; Justin Bieber/Instagram

"I know [the old ones] could leak but it was easier to drink out of. These new lids are uncomfortable on the mouth and you get very little liquid each drink. It’s a damn outrage and needs to be changed back."

Justin Bieber, campaigning for Canadian fast food chain Tim Hortons to return to its old coffee cup lids, on his Instagram Story

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Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden
Cameron Diaz (R) and Benji Madden. Donato Sardella/Getty

"We are so happy, blessed and grateful to begin this new decade by announcing the birth of our daughter, Raddix Madden. She has instantly captured our hearts and completed our family."

— Cameron Diaz and husband Benji Madden, announcing the surprise arrival of their first child together, in a joint statement on Instagram

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Teri Hatcher is starring in a new fashion campaign

"There is that voice in my head that says, 'You are a 55-year-old woman.. What am I doing?!' [Photographer Randall Slavin] said to me, 'You know, 55 is the new 55.' ... I’m really having a great time."

— Teri Hatcher, on getting comfortable and confident starring in a sexy new campaign for German fashion brand Marcell von Berlin, to PEOPLE

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Gabrielle Union
Vikram Valluri/

"Trying to be responsible and use Uber and our driver asked to use our bathroom ... Dude dropped a deuce. I’m pleased we clearly have a home and available reading material that screams 'Come in, get comfortable and drop the kids off at the pool' Welcome to 2020 folks."

— Gabrielle Union, laughing off a rather intimate encounter with her Uber driver on New Year's Eve, on Twitter

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