Bernie Sanders Says He's Joining Forces With Hillary Clinton – To See Donald Trump 'Defeated Badly'

Sanders has pledged to do whatever it takes to bring down Trump

Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty;Scott Olson/Getty;Charlie Neibergall/AP

Bernie Sanders is still not conceding, but he is vowing to work with Hillary Clinton to defeat their mutual opponent: Donald Trump.

On Thursday, the Vermont senator tweeted a statement regarding his plans moving forward in the race to the White House. His decision to join forces with Clinton was fueled by his commitment to stopping a “major party candidate who makes bigotry the cornerstone of his campaign.”

Speaking to his supporters in a live online address later posted to his Twitter, Sanders emphasized his feelings regarding Trump’s campaign, adding that the next big step is to make sure the billionaire businessman is not elected.

“The major political task that we face in the next five months is to make certain that Donald Trump is defeated and defeated badly,” he said. “And I personally intend to begin my role in that process in a very short period of time.”

Although Sanders did not specify in what capacity he would be working to bring down Trump, his remarks came after a Tuesday meeting with Clinton during which the pair reportedly discussed the future of the Democratic Party and Clinton’s commitment to a progressive agenda.

Sanders also tweeted that he “look[s] forward to working with Hillary Clinton in the coming weeks to make certain that the Democratic Party passes the most progressive platform in its history and that Democrats actually fight for that agenda.”

Neither Trump nor Clinton immediately responded to Sanders’ most recent pronouncement.

While he’s pledged a joint force against Trump, Sanders did not endorse Clinton or declare his exit from the race and even told his supporters in his Thursday live stream that he will have nearly 2,000 delegates come July when the Democratic National Convention rolls around.

“We must continue our grassroots efforts to create the America that we know we can become,” he said. “And we must take that energy into the Democratic National Convention on July 25 in Philadelphia where we will have more then 1,900 delegates.”

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