The disgraced financier will mourn in prison for son Mark, who hanged himself
Credit: Andrea Renault/Polaris

Bernie Madoff will mourn his son’s death from the prison in North Carolina where he’s serving a 150-year sentence for fraud.

“Mr. Madoff will not be attending the funeral out of consideration for his daughter-in-law’s and grandchildren’s privacy,” his attorney Ira Sorkin said Monday. “He will be conducting a private service on his own where he is presently incarcerated.”

Madoff’s older son, Mark, 46, hanged himself Saturday on the two-year anniversary of his father’s arrest for perpetuating history’s largest Ponzi scheme. Bernie Madoff defrauded clients out of billions of dollars, but Mark Madoff maintained he knew nothing of his father’s wrongdoing.

Mark Madoff was found hanging from a dog leash in his apartment with 2-year-old son asleep in the next room. With the anniversary looming, the Madoff family was under pressure as a court-appointed trustee filed a raft of lawsuits to try to recoup investors’ money.