Peter Berg says he is leaving the series “Chicago Hope” to concentrate on writing and directing, but not because he’s tired of acting in the doctor drama. “It’s not like I’m David Caruso, like ‘I hate you, let me out,'” Berg tells TV Guide. “It’s just that at some point you forget what episode you’re in, and what you develop a passion for is the big fat paycheck. I don’t want that to be my passion right now.” And don’t ask Berg, 34, about his rumored romance with Madonna. “I’m not interested in talking about that,” he said.

  • By January Rosie O’Donnell hopes to take her show “live” again. She — and TV critics — have noted that taping her shows cramps her style, especially when it comes to discussing current topics. “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” began broadcasting live when it debuted in 1996 but switched to videotape midway through the first season.
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