By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 16, 2002 01:00 PM

Former “Law & Order” star Benjamin Bratt, 38, and actress Talisa Soto, 35, “were wed on Saturday in San Francisco at an intimate family gathering, a day that perfectly celebrated their love and happiness,” a publicist for the couple told the Associated Press on Tuesday. No further details were provided. (According to PEOPLE, Soto is also in the early weeks of pregnancy, says friends of the couple.) Both starred in last year’s movie “Pinero,” a biography of Puerto Rican poet-playwright Miguel Pinero (1946-88). Soto’s other movies include “The Mambo Kings,” “Spy Hard,” “Hostage,” “Don Juan De Marco” and the “Mortal Kombat” features. (The actress’s previous, three-year marriage, to actor Costas Mandylor, ended in divorce in 2000.) Besides his TV role, Bratt also appeared on the big screen in “The River Wild,” “Clear and Present Danger,” “Traffic” and “Miss Congeniality” — though the public also knew him as the longtime squeeze of Julia Roberts. The pair broke up last year. “They couldn’t be the person the other one wanted them to be,” a source told PEOPLE last July. Sources said Bratt, described as a “traditional” guy eager to start a family, wanted Roberts, now 34, to cut back on making the movies that kept them apart and move from New York City to his home base of San Francisco, where his mother and siblings live. Roberts has been dating cameraman Danny Moder, 33, for the past several months. Bratt is set to appear next in the thriller “Abandon” with Katie Holmes; Soto will appear next in “Ecks Vs. Sever” with Antonio Banderas, due out in the fall.