"It started out as a joke," says 16-year-old Tyler Mitchell, who has amassed thousands of social media followers

By Wade Rouse
Updated March 09, 2015 07:30 PM
Credit: Caters News; Mike Marsland/WireImage

Talk about The Imitation Game: It turns out Benedict has a Cumber-match!

As the photos prove, 16-year-old Tyler Michell is a dead ringer for the recently wed Oscar-nominated actor.

And it’s no mystery why Michell has amassed nearly 19,000 followers on Instagram, where his lookalike selfies of the Sherlock star often garner thousands of comments.

The teen has gone from high school student to social media star, and is often stopped in his hometown of Norwich, Norfolk, where he is asked about his latest movies or comforted for losing the Academy Award to Eddie Redmayne, according to The Telegraph.

“It started out as a joke – my close friends and family would tease me and say I looked like Benedict Cumberbatch,” Michell told The Telegraph. “I guess I look like him a little, but I really didn’t take it seriously.”

Continued the teen: “Now people are messaging me and saying I should have won the Oscar. I get girls from Brazil saying they want to meet me in the U.K., which is crazy as I’m just a teenage boy sitting at home I’m a huge fan of Benedict, but I don’t think I look like him.”

And what does Michell’s mother think of the fuss over her boy, who people have suggested should star as Teenlock?

“It could be quite surreal having a Hollywood superstar lookalike in the house,” Nicola Alderton told The Telegraph, “but he’s just our Tyler.”