Cyrus Arnold, of Sam & Cat fame, will be playing the role in the upcoming sequel

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 15, 2015 07:35 AM
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

We don’t know that much about Zoolander 2, but Derek Zoolander himself, Ben Stiller, made some major progress in teasing out the sequel week on Instagram.

Stiller posted a picture of himself as Zoolander, along with Cyrus Arnold, introduced “Son of Derek.” Arnold has a pretty slim reésumé: He’s probably most recognizable as B.J. from Sam & Cat, though maybe you remember him as Kid #1 in an episode of About a Boy.

Stiller and Owen Wilson reprised their roles from the original film during Paris Fashion Week to announce the sequel. Since then, scant details have been trickling out, like the inclusion of Kristen Wiig in the cast, and more specifically, the fact that Kristen Wiig’s hair will look like this.