Ben Stiller Answers Your Questions!

Photo: Michael Muller

When we asked readers to drop Ben Stiller a line, fans swamped our in-box, many demanding a sequel to Meet the Fockers. “I’ve heard nothing about that one,” says the star of the new family comedy Night at the Museum. Married to actress Christine Taylor, 35, with whom he’s raising daughter Ella, 4, and son Quinlin, 16 months, Stiller, 41, took time out to answer your burning questions by e-mail.

What presents will you get your kids this season?
Sana Qureshi, Houston
Some diapers for Quin – he definitely uses them and Lord knows we like it when he does. We might get a trampoline for Ella, but I’m going to cut it into eight pieces and give one each night for Hanukkah. That way she will really appreciate it when it finally works.

Who is your favorite costar?
Autumn Fowler, Diana, Texas
I just worked with my mom [Anne Meara] in Night at the Museum, and my dad [Jerry Stiller] again, and that was really fun. Working with people you love is really special. That’s one of the reasons Zoolander was so much fun – to work with Christine, my dad, Owen [Wilson], it all felt like family.

What was the funniest moment of your entire life?
Hayley Shelton, Sacramento
The funniest moments I have had so far have been with my kids. Also, my wife really makes me laugh. We’ve had some pretty ridiculous moments together that we laugh about years later that I don’t think I want to read about in a magazine.

Are you and Owen Wilson best friends in real life? You’ve been in so many movies together.
Katina Rivera, Guatemala
We don’t see each other all the time, but when we do, it seems like we pick up where we left off. He will periodically e-mail me from some exotic place, doing some cool movie somewhere, asking me if I want to come visit for the weekend. I’m not sure he knows I’m married with kids.

What’s your idea of a romantic evening?

Jessica Kocken, Oakville, Ont.
Me, Christine, a six-pack and some Hi-Def Ultimate Fighting Pay-Per-View. Also, just being together somewhere and having dinner, maybe under the stars or something, and coming home and watching 24.

How has your life changed since having your second baby with your wife?
Gigi Blourette, Hoover, Ala.
It’s really gone into full family gear. There is always someone to watch – especially since our son has just started walking! I can’t imagine how you do it with three, four or more kids. It seems like there is a lot more craziness all the time. Definitely less sleep!

What was it like growing up with comics for parents?
Kim Emons, Calgary, Alta.
I thought it was fun that my folks would stay up late doing shows in nightclubs. It all seemed much more fun and innocent than show business really is, but it was definitely fun.

How does it feel to be so attractive?

Carley Henderson, Circle Pines, Minn.
It feels great. After Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, I really noticed that women were into me, but by the time Daredevil came out I got pretty used to it.

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