he couple celebrated with Ben's mom and his 90-year-old grandpa

Credit: Source: Lauren Bushnell/Instagram

It was Easter, Indiana style for The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell.

The newly engaged couple headed to Higgins’ hometown where they spent the Easter weekend celebrating with his family.

And judging by the pair’s sweet pictures they posted on Instagram, Bushnell is already a perfect fit in the Higgins household!

“Love these people,” she captioned her photo with her fianc e and his mom.

But that wasn’t the only quality time Bushnell got in with her new family. She also hung out with Higgins’ 90-year-old grandfather.

While it’s only been two weeks since fans watched the pair get engaged, Higgins says he always knew that she was the one.

“From the time she got out of the limo, to the first time I saw her walk around the corner at a cocktail party, everything kept being better than I ever expected,” he previously told PEOPLE. “That was freaking me out! I wasn’t used to that.”