Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will probably marry this summer — not this Valentine’s Day — and, contrary to other rumors about him, the actor tells Vanity Fair magazine that he’s got his own hair and is not gay.

Affleck, 30, who costars with Lopez in the upcoming “Gigli” and “Jersey Girl,” suggests in the interview that the public’s interest in him and J.Lo “has to do with race and class, the fact that I am white and she is Puerto Rican … That’s what’s underneath, although nobody says it, because it’s not politically correct.”

As Affleck points out, “There’s a kind of language that’s used about her — the spicy Latina, the tempestuous diva,” he said. “She’s characterized as oversexed. I mean, the woman’s had five boyfriends in her whole life! In the physical sense, she is extremely chaste.”

Explaining why he proposed to Lopez after her rocky romantic record — twice-divorced (from Ojani Noa and then Cris Judd) and the survivor of a much-publicized breakup with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs — Affleck said: “I’m in love; I want to have a family and she’s the only person I’ve ever met who made me entertain the thought of doing that.”

Affleck refutes the rumor that a prenuptial agreement exists offering him $5 million and containing a clause about having to make love four times a week.

He also insists that while he did dye his hair red for his new film “The Daredevil,” he doesn’t wear a toupee and hasn’t had a chin implant. Similarly, he denies he’s gay (“I’m not stylish enough. … The only man I’ve ever kissed is Jason Lee, in ‘Chasing Amy'”) or has had a fling with Britney Spears.

As for the future marriage, “I believe in monogamy and making it work, or what else is the point?”