Ben Affleck: 'I Would Love' More Kids

The actor tells Ellen DeGeneres that his daughter Violet could get some siblings

Parenting agrees with Ben Affleck. The father of Violet Anne Affleck, who turns 1 on Dec. 1, says he wants more children with wife Jennifer Garner – though just how many more seems open to discussion.

Ellen DeGeneres, broaching the topic with the 34-year-old actor on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, asks: “Will you have more? Should I ask that question?”

Affleck’s response: “You know sure, I would love to.”

“Many? A lot?” DeGeneres wonders aloud, prompting Affleck to say, “Okay, let’s back it up there.”

Suggesting, however, that “some people” would want “five or six” kids and would “love to have a large family,” DeGeneres is told by Affleck: “I think I should probably talk to my wife before I talk to you.”

As for his hiatus from film work, Affleck tells the TV host: “I took about a couple of years off, definitely for a full year I didn’t do anything and I did this (the period drama Hollywoodland), and then the rest of the time I spent directing a movie” – the Boston detective drama Gone, Baby, Gone, to be released next year.

Affleck says he purposefully took time off because, “I was a little bit exhausted of myself and my life, so I wanted to try to control it or manage it.”

He says he wanted to figure out for himself who he is and what he wants to do instead if “looking through the reflection through a magazine or being defined by somebody else.”

And what did he discover about stepping back to take a look? “It was good for me and good things happened for me. It was nice.”

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