Ben Affleck 'Enjoys Time with His Family and That Includes Jen'

Ben Affleck is "learning new positive ways to cope," says a source

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Things are starting to look up for Ben Affleck.

When Affleck first returned home to Los Angeles a few weeks ago, people couldn’t help but notice a change in the Boston-bred actor: he looked happier.

Affleck has been more at ease of late. He’s been spotted with his kids on numerous weekend outings, and now that Jennifer Garner is home, they are spending time together as a family.

“His family is all he cares about. This is what makes him happy and it makes sense that he looks happier,” a source tells PEOPLE.”He enjoys the time with his family and that includes Jen. They are still working hard at this.”

While the two still plan to move forward with their divorce, they continue to hold firm to their commitment to put their kids first.

Affleck, 43, and Garner, 43, spent Sunday together with their three children, Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3. They took a trip to the farmers market and attended a church service together.

The now amicable exes were seen leaving a family counseling center together earlier this month, and sources say they are learning the best way to make this transition as a family.

“It’s still really hard and every day Ben’s learning new positive ways to cope and that goes on both sides,” says the source. “He’s just focused on his family.”

Affleck and Garner are working out their new normal, and simply trying to figure out their next steps.

“They had to take a step away from each other at first and now they are coming back together and you have to find your footing first and then move forward,” says the source.

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