Bella Thorne Opens Up About Dyslexia — and More Ways the Star Has Gotten Real About Her Struggles

The actress revealed her battle with the mood disorder and dyslexia on social media

Bella Thorne is revealing that she struggles with depression and dyslexia.

“It was kind of a gradual process,” she recently told PEOPLE Now. “It’s a slow, gradual process to getting to that lightbulb.”

She went to add that there was one fan reaction to her mental health and dyslexia admission that sticks out to her.

“There have been quite a few people,” Thorne said. “There was this one guy, he came to me and he was in his early 40s … and he said, ‘Bella, I just want to stop you and thank you so much … I’m dyslexic and I have a 6-year-old daughter and I can’t read her a bedtime story at night. I can’t make it through and I’ve been so embarrassed.’ ”

“She looked at him and was like, ‘It’s okay daddy, Bella is dyslexic too,’ ” she continued. “It was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever heard. It’s why we do what we do.”

The Shake It Up actress took to Twitter earlier this month, where she admitted to battling the mood disorder — and sent encouragement to fans and followers who also live with it.

“Came to the conclusion that I struggle with depression:/ you aren’t alone,” the 19-year-old tweeted with a red heart emoji.

The teen actress has been open about things that she struggles with in the past, including being the victim of bullying and receiving death threats.

This past January, Thorne admitted to wrestling with how much attention to pay to negative comments from Internet critics. “It’s hard. I was in a happier place [a while ago] than I had been recently,” Thorne told PEOPLE. “And now I’m back to a happier place.”

“People take social media as such a big thing. And they all think they know what they’re talking about. And they think they know your life and they get their friends to trash you. And they get all these people to hate on you and call you whatever names in the book,” she continued. “It’s kind of like one person says it and then everybody jumps on it.”

Last August, Thorne and Gregg Sulkin split after a year together, PEOPLE exclusively reported, and one month later, she moved on with longtime buddy and Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey (from whom she says she split in early December). Just weeks later, Thorne and Charlie Puth had a short-lived whirlwind romance.

The actress also shared that after she split from an ex, she “was getting death threats for a hot minute because they thought I had cheated on my ex, which is a total lie.”

Recently, she opened up about her struggle with acne, and encouraged a fan who similarly battles the skin condition. “I feel you baby. It really gets me down too,” she responded on Twitter to a follower who admitted to being “super depressed,” and added, “Try and think positive even tho it’s hard because you don’t wanna stress you skin out more.”

In October 2011, Thorne called for an end to bullying on Twitter and addressed the negative side effects of bullying that can occur as a result of it.

“Bullying hurts! People experience depression, low self‐esteem, fear, loneliness and anxiety,” she tweeted, and added the hashtag, “#StompOutBullying.”

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