April 27, 2005 09:00 AM

England soccer captain David Beckham and his wife Victoria plan to sue their former nanny over allegations she made about the state of their marriage, published in the British tabloid News of the World, according to the couple’s spokesman.

“The Beckhams will be commencing legal proceedings against their former nanny, Abbie Gibson, for breach of confidence,” he tells Reuters.

According to published accounts, Gibson, who lived with the Beckhams for two years as she looked after their sons, claims she overheard name-calling among the couple and that the Beckhams were on the verge of breaking up while Victoria was seven months pregnant with their third child.

The Beckham’s relationship fell under the microscope last year following tabloid allegations that the Real Madrid midfielder had had an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos – a claim the star football dismissed as “ludicrous.”

In their legal action involving Gibson, 27, the rep said that the Beckhams, who live in Madrid, would seek “aggravated damages” from the News of the World.

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