Beattys and the Oscars

Annette Bening, who was nominated for her role as best actress in “American Beauty,” will be nine months pregnant with her fourth child on Oscar night. “It’s either the hospital or the ceremony,” she said. As for what she will wear to the March 26 event, “A tent or a blanket,” she quipped to USA Today. “I just want to be comfortable, keep my feet up as much as possible.” Fortunately, if she does win and can’t make it to the stage, her husband, Warren Beatty, will be at her side. He’s receiving the special Irving G. Thalberg Award that night. Asked by The Washington Post yesterday whether it is better to run for President or win the Thalberg Award, the notoriously press-shy Beatty responded, “I like where you’re going with this, but I’m still not going to give you the pleasure of a quote.”

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