Beatty Still Not Running

He still contends that he has no plans to run for President, but actor Warren Beatty is still politically charged. “If I were running for president at this time I would be well-organized,” he told students and faculty at Harvard’s Institute of Politics on Wednesday. “I have only tried to state the issues.” The Oscar-winner says he’s misunderstood. “If you make a movie like ‘Reds’ they think you’re a communist, or let alone ‘Bugsy’ or ‘Bonnie and Clyde,’ they think you’re a psychopathic killer. So I try to identify my politics.” Among his issues: campaign finance reform, gun control and health care. To a student who asked how he feels about Hollywood’s influence on politics, he replied, “If you’re just famous, I don’t think people will put up with you for more than a day or two.”

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