The bear is one of a limited-edition run to commemorate Princess Diana


“But they’re collector’s items!”

That was the common cry of anyone who spent their disposable income on Beanie Babies throughout the ’90s, gradually filling ever-larger spaces in their homes and alienating loved ones.

But in at least one case, that excuse – er, lament – may have been correct. Cornwall, U.K., couple Leah Rogers, 20 and Ryan Flanaghan, 22, bought a secondhand Beanie Baby recently that’s turned into quite the potential windfall.

It turns out the bear is one of a range of just 100 “first edition” Babies established to honor Princess Diana after her 1997 death. The bear, called Princess, was handmade in Indonesia in 2007 with special pellets and a tag that features a poem and reference to the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

“Like an angel she came from heaven above; she shared her compassion, her pain, her love; she only stayed with us long enough to teach the world to share, to give, to reach.”

“Ryan and his sister used to collect Beanie Babies,” Rogers told the Daily Mail, so he had something of an inkling as to the bear’s value. The pair intend on using the windfall they get from the Baby as a deposit on a house. “It’s so hard for young people to get on the property ladder, so we think this could really be a blessing,” Rogers said.

That said, how much money the thing will actually go for is up for debate: one first-edition Princess bear is listed on eBay for 62,500 pounds (over $90,000), but prices range from $1,500 to $21,000 elsewhere on eBay, according to The Independent.

Either way, thanks for proving our parents wrong. We’re going to get a lot of mileage from this for the next week or so.

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