The British network at one point captioned West with "he raps"

By Maria Mercedes Lara
Updated June 29, 2015 11:50 AM
Credit: ALP/MediaPunv

Kanye West may think he is the "greatest living rock star," but not everyone can keep up with his rapping skills.

BBC2 caught flack from fans online after its semi-automated closed captioning messed up – and then apparently completely gave up – during the broadcast of West’s set at the Glastonbury music festival in Somerset, England, on Saturday.

One fan noted that the British network oddly changed a curse in West’s song to “motherducker.” Some thought it might have been an effort to keep the captioning swear-free (and avoid an "unwarranted censorship" complaint, but it read more like an auto-correct mistake. (Especially when you consider that the vocal portion of the broadcast went out uncensored.)

Later, it appeared that the captioning system abandoned trying to keep up with West, 38, who will sometimes change his lyrics and go off on long speeches during his sets. The captioner’s solution? “He raps.”

Aside from getting mis-captioned (and bum-rushed onstage), West was back in the headlines on Sunday evening when the Who’s legendary guitarist, Pete Townshend, poked fun at the rapper’s statement that he is the “greatest living rock star.”

While closing out the festival, Townshend, 70, told the crowd, “We’re going to send you home now with a rebellious, ‘Oh yeah, who’s the biggest rock star in the world?’ ”