Battery Charge for Aaron Carter's Mom

Jane Carter, mother of pop singers Aaron Carter and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, was arrested on Jan. 13 and charged with battery in an alleged attack on her estranged husband’s girlfriend, Ginger Elrod, the Miami Herald reports.

This news arrives just a few days after reports that Aaron Carter, 16, had resolved his personal and financial dispute with his 44-year-old mother, who planned to resume her role of helping manage his career.

“I’m looking forward to putting my family back together and working together side by side with all my children,” Jane Carter told the Associated Press in a phone interview Thursday. Last month, Aaron Carter issued a statement claiming that his mother — who with her now-estranged husband, Robert, have managed Aaron since he was 6 — had removed more than $100,000 from his bank account without permission.

Jane and Robert Carter separated in March and are now seeking a divorce.

According to a report filed by Florida’s Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Jane Carter used a rock to break a window and then entered her husband’s home in the Florida Keys. She then allegedly made her way to the bedroom where her husband and Elrod, 29, were sleeping.

The report says that Jane dragged Elrod out of bed by her hair and hit her with a remote control. The Herald quotes Robert Carter as saying that Elrod will not press charges, but “restraining orders are in place.”

Jane Carter, who reportedly was released from jail last Wednesday morning, faces a Feb. 3 arraignment on the battery charge.

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