In her new movie, “I Dreamed of Africa,” Kim Basinger plays the real-life Kuki Gallmann, who gave up a comfortable existence in Europe to join her less-than-perfect adventurer husband and live among the beasts in Africa. Today, Gallmann is a widow and a full-time animal conservationist, and Basinger’s love of furry creatures has been well-documented. But would the Oscar-winning star (“L.A. Confidential”) give up a career in Hollywood and a house in the Hamptons to go live in Africa with her husband, Alec Baldwin? “We’re out in the Hamptons right now, that’s where we’re seein’ if we can live my husband’s dream of living out in East Hampton,” she said at a press junket for the movie. “So I said, ‘I’m gonna try it’. . . Then, if it doesn’t work, well, whatever. I want to go back to Africa!”