Barry Bonds Hits a Personal Home Run

Facing scandal, the baseball legend shares his secret to a happy marriage

Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP

With his baseball career in question, all-time home-run leader Barry Bonds is looking forward to starting the New Year off right.

“I am going skiing with my children then I’m going on my ten year anniversary,” Bonds tells PEOPLE in his first media interview since being indicted on Nov. 15. “I got my wife a good vacation out of the country.”

It’s no surprise Bonds wants to disappear for a while. The sports legend is currently battling four counts of perjury and obstruction of justice for allegedly lying under oath during the federal grand jury trial investigating steroid use among pro athletes. In a message to his fans posted on his website, Bonds was confident he would be cleared of all charges. “I still have confidence in the judicial system and especially in the judgment of the citizens who will decide this case,” he wrote on Dec. 6, “I will be vindicated because I am innocent.”

In the meantime, he’ll have his family to lean on. Discussing his relationship with wife Liz Watson, Bonds says the key to marital happiness is full disclosure. “We came into the relationship knowing. I learned that from my first marriage,” he says. (Bonds was previously married to Sun Bonds.) “She has to know your entire resume. We both know each other’s flaws and are committed.”

“Friendship [is also important], you have to be friends first,” he continued while relaxing at the holiday party of Beverly Hills neighbors Adrienne Maloof and Dr. 90210 Paul Nassif. “You have to show your good side and your bad side.”

As for what the New Year will bring, the slugger is keeping his expectations simple. “Health and just being happy. That’s it. I stopped making resolutions I couldn’t keep.”

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