"I think she did a wonderful job," says Streisand. "If only she had a bump on her nose"

By Eunice Oh
Updated August 05, 2010 06:40 PM
Credit: Globe, Courtesy Harper's Bazaar

Jennifer Aniston‘s amazing transformation into Barbra Streisand has caught the attention of none other than the Funny Girl herself.

“I was very flattered that Jennifer Aniston chose to interpret my style with the photos in Harper’s Bazaar,” Streisand, 68, says on her Web site.

So much so that the Oscar winner and Grammy-winning singer posted her own set of look-alike photos of the two stars, which shows them each lying on their sides with their heads resting on their left hand.

Aniston, 41, who paid homage to her idol in the fashion magazine’s September issue, is “a delightful person,” says Streisand. “I think she did a wonderful job.”

Streisand’s only constructive criticism about the spread? “If only she had a bump on her nose,” she quips.