Barbra: Not Funny, Girl

Barbra Streisand does not take criticism lightly. Author Rachel Abramowitz’s new book, “Is That a Gun in Your Pocket: Women’s Experience of Power in Hollywood,” may list Streisand’s many accomplishments in the male-dominated movie industry, but it also describes the actress and film auteur as “a funny-looking, fatherless, Jewish girl from New York who deemed herself pretty and triumphed from chutzpah.” After putting down the book, Barbra picked up the phone and let Abramowitz have it, says New York’s Daily News. “Are you one of those women who are jealous of other women?” Abramowitz says Streisand said to her. The star’s rep, Dick Guttman, confirmed the call, and added that Abramowitz had access to Streisand but still went ahead and “used a number of stories from books that were salacious and fallacious.”

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