Happy Birthday, Barbie: 5 Weird Barbie News Stories Right Now

Barbie isn't letting old age slow her down; the Mattel doll is celebrating her 56th birthday in the spotlight

Photo: Ian Waldie/Getty

Ms. Mattel herself turned 56 on Monday, though she barely looks a day older than her little sister Skipper.

From astronaut to flight attendant, Barbie is a lady of many hats (and high heels), bravely taking on a variety of occupations throughout the decades – and with perfectly applied lipstick to boot.

Starting as a simple doll in 1959, Barbie has since become an unforgettable part of pop culture. Over the years, her style, shape and relationship status have changed, but she still remains one of the top toys in the business.

Fifty-six looks to be another fabulous year for Barbie; we’re just a few months into 2015, and she is already all over the news.

Celebrate this icon’s big day by checking out five ways Barbie still has people buzzing.

1. Even Hillary Clinton Is Going Plastic

Barbie ran for office in 2012, and now it’s Hillary Clinton’s turn (again) – at least that’s what the minds behind the Hillary Clinton Action Figure Kickstarter are hoping. To get people excited for the former secretary of state’s potential presidential run, the fundraiser followed in Mattel’s footsteps and made a toy version of Clinton. Barbie better watch out if she is seeking a nomination in 2016.

2. Barbie Talks Back

Get ready to take your games of make believe to the next level, because Barbie is learning the art of conversation. In February, Mattel introduced Hello Barbie, a doll that can listen to a child’s chitchat and adjust her talk accordingly, reports Time. So if you tell Barbie you really like kittens, Barbie will remember and bring up the animal in a later conversation. The future is now.

3. Diablo Cody Is Turning Barbie into a Movie Star

The brain behind Juno and Jennifer’s Body is taking on Barbie next. According to Deadline, Diablo Cody has been invited to tackle the next draft of Barbie, the live-action movie based on the Mattel fashion maven. The company hopes Cody’s wit can turn the comedy into a film worthy of a franchise.

4. What If Barbie Was One of Us?

Not everything said about Barbie is pink and positive. Since the beginning, Mattel has been harangued for the doll’s impossible body proportions. Nickolay Lamm has a response. He recently created the Lammily doll. Also known as the “Normal Barbie,” this toy features light makeup, normal body proportions and stretch marks. Lamm hopes the doll encourages girls to be happy with themselves as they are.

5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Barbie

Blonde, long-legged and gorgeous, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley always looked a little bit like Barbie. The Victoria’s Secret model took this resemblance to the extreme for a March shoot with Vogue Japan. In the spread, Whiteley masterfully recreates Barbie’s distant gaze, stiff poses and vaguely terrifying smile. We’re torn between being amazed … and very afraid.

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