May 08, 2007 09:00 AM

First daughter Barbara Bush didn’t take just anyone to Monday night’s White House state dinner for Queen Elizabeth of England.

At the 25-year-old’s side: her former college sweetheart, Jay Blount, The Washington Post‘s The Reliable Source column reports.

This, of course, has prompted many a question. Are the duo dating? Or just procrastinating their way through first daughter banquet benefits from time to time?

Presented with these very questions, the saturnine 25-year-old investment management consultant kept his lips zipped when contacted by The Post.

Blount was last seen with the Bush family at Easter 2005, when he joined the clan in Texas. By some accounts, he and the dark-haired twin had parted ways more than a year ago, says the newspaper.

But in recent months there have been other reported sightings of the two in and around New York, where Bush works for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

As for a bio on Blount, according to The Post, he rowed crew and was president of the student body at T.C. Williams before moving on to become a BMOC at Yale.

There, he founded a fraternity, played in a band, was named one of the campus’s ‘”50 Most Beautiful” and described himself in the campus mag, Rumpus, as a “charismatic showman sent to bring balance back to earth.”

Graduating a year after Bush in ’05, he enrolled in Yale’s graduate business program but did not stay with the class, instead joining Casey, Quirk & Associates, an investment management-consulting firm in Darien, Conn.

Earlier in the day, Her Majesty, 81, arrived at the White House amid the ritual pomp and circumstance worthy of a royal welcoming ceremony – complete with a 21-gun salute and a gaffe from the Commander-in-Chief himself.

“You helped our nation celebrate its bicentennial in 1776 ” President Bush said during his remarks. Pausing and then exchanging a quick grin with his honored guest, he corrected himself by saying, “1976.”

As a crowd of some 7,000 guests on the South Lawn burst into laughter, Bush added with a wink: “She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.”

With reporting by MACON MOOREHOUSE

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