Barack Obama's Royal Roots

Who knew? A report reveals that the presidential hopeful is related to the Duchess of Windsor


Barack Obama has connections in high places – like the British Royal Family.

So says British genealogist Robert Barrett, who traced the Democratic presidential hopeful’s roots.

“Obama’s mother, Ann, brought to his gene pool a descent from the 17th-century plantation owner Mareen Duvall,” he told Britain’s Sunday Telegraph. “She is an ancestor of the Duchess of Windsor.”

Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, is the only American to have married into the British royal family – Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936 to become her spouse. She died in April 1986.

But that’s not all, according to the genealogist.

“[Obama] has a rich mixture of European ancestors, including the early medieval kings of England and Scotland, a signatory of the Magna Carta, and, for good measure, an Irish emigrant from County Offaly,” he explained.

Obama is locked with Hillary Clinton in a close race for the Democratic presidential nomination. His famous supporters include Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba and Ryan Phillippe.

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