At least eight children were born Friday with Obama-inspired names, according to AFP

Credit: Ben Curtis/AP

At least eight children were born in Kenya on Friday with names inspired by President Barack Obama, the AFP reports.

Three newborn girls were named Michelle, Malia and Malia Sasha, after the president’s wife and daughters; and two babies were named after the president’s plane.

“I have decided to call my baby AirForceOne Barack Obama so that we can all remember Obama’s visit to Kenya because it is a huge blessing,” one mother, Lucy Akinyi Okoth, told AFP.

Lucy Atieno, a second mother, told AFP she named her son the simpler AirForceOne. “I have been told that it is the best airplane because it carries a very powerful leader of America who is also a Kenyan,” she said.

In Kogelo, the hometown of Obama’s father, many things are named for him, according to ABC News – children as well as schools.

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Obama’s two-day trip to Kenya is his first since he took office, though he traveled to the country three times before, according to The New York Times.

While there this weekend, Obama, 53, visited with three dozen members of his extended family, according to the Times. He also had a warm reunion with half-sister Auma Obama.

“Kenya is leading the way,” Obama said during the trip. “When I was here in Nairobi 10 years ago, it looked very different than it does today. The incredible progress that s been made – imagine what could happen if more and more of our global leaders and global capital paid a visit and actually had a conversation as opposed to just being blinded by some of the stereotypes that have been promoted.”