Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss psychiatrist, and his British co-pilot, Brian Jones, a former caterer, sailed into the history books Saturday when their Breitling Orbiter 3 completed the first nonstop balloon trip around the world. After a harrowing 20-day, 26,000-mile trip over Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, Central America and the Atlantic, the two adventurers crossed an imaginary finishing line high above Mauritania in North Africa. The two pilots will collect a $1 million challenge award ($500,000 to be split between them and another $500,000 to go to the charity of their choice) posted by the Anheuser-Busch brewers. “I am with the angels and just completely happy,” Picard, 41, said. After crossing the “finish line,” Jones, 51, said, “The first thing I’ll do is phone my wife, and then, like the good Englishman I am, I’ll have a cup of tea.” On Sunday, the two touched down in Egypt just south of their target, the Great Pyramids.

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