April 23, 2014 10:30 AM

For once in his life, Charlie Brown is a trendsetter.

Snoopy, Olive Oyl, Garfield, Hello Kitty and other animated characters have gone bald to show kids with cancer that hairless is beautiful.

Brazilian cancer charity GRAACC collaborated with animators to create Bald Cartoons, a project that aims to help children with cancer feel less afraid and self-conscious about losing their hair.

“A child with cancer deserves to be seen just like any other child,” says the project’s video, which shows well-known cartoon characters going without their tresses.

“I think it will be more normal to see a bald child,” says one of the affected children. “Because everyone will see on TV, everyone in Brazil will see on TV.”

“You have to be proud of each and every bald kid you see, because this person is fighting for life,” says a teen. “And I think this is pretty dignifying.”

“I thought that if I took my hat off at school people would laugh, but now I don’t feel that anymore,” says a boy as he proudly removes his ball cap.

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