Michael Lohan is arraigned in a hospital for allegedly violating his family's protection order

By Diane Herbst Stephen M. Silverman
December 02, 2004 07:00 AM

Bail for Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, was set at $1 million on Wednesday, as the elder Lohan was handcuffed to his bed in a New York hospital room.

He is charged with violating an order of protection against his estranged wife, Dina Lohan, and driving while under the influence of drugs, his attorney, Dominic Barbara, told reporters outside Long Island’s Winthrop University Hospital.

Regarding the high bail (which his lawyer says he intends to appeal), Barbara said: “If it wasn’t for him having a rich movie-star daughter, it would never have been like that.”

Lohan, 44, was taken to the medical facility on Monday night after complaining of chest pains following his arrest for going to his former family home in Merrick, L.I., according to police. His lawyer says Lohan is expected to remain in the hospital for several more days. Barbara added that Lohan tested negative “for every single drug possible.” There has been no word on Lohan’s condition from hospital officials, and the district attorney’s office said it could not comment.

In detailing the events leading up to the arrest, Barbara says his client went to the residence to pick up some clothes and to see his son, Dakota. “He called the police to tell them he was going there,” says Barbara. “And he was going to see his son, where there was no order of protection.”

But prosecutor Joy Watson says: “The court ordered him to stay away and he violated that court order.”

Upon the family’s request on Wednesday, Dina Lohan’s order of protection was expanded to include all four of the couple’s children, said Katie Grilli-Robles, spokeswoman for the Nassau County District Attorney’s office. A call to Dina Lohan was not returned.

This was Lohan’s second recent brush with the law. On Nov. 23 he was arrested for violating his estranged wife’s order of protection while she and Lindsay attended one of Dakota’s soccer games. Michael “went over to talk to them,” says Grilli-Robles.

Following that arrest, Lohan was released without bail. He also faces charges of allegedly assaulting brother-in-law Matthew Sullivan with a shoe during a brawl at a Communion party in the family home last May.

Barbara told PEOPLE that Michael Lohan’s latest troubles with the law stem from his client’s inner turmoil over the dissolution of his family.

“The tragedy of Mr. Lohan’s life at this time is that he feels abandoned by his daughter, Lindsay, and by his wife and children,” says Barbara. “No one’s talking to him. And he feels particularly abandoned by Lindsay because he was so instrumental in her career.”