Bahamas Questions Anna Nicole's Residency

Authorities are looking into whether or not Smith legally became a permanent resident

Anna Nicole Smith has already been ordered to vacate her Bahamas home by Oct. 31, and now authorities there are investigating whether she legally obtained permanent residency there.

Vernon Burrows, the immigration director in the Bahamas, said authorities are focused on the $1 million home that Smith’s lawyers claimed in an application for residency that she had purchased..

“Of course the only thing that would have qualified her for permanent residence was the home,” Burrows told the Associated Press reports, “so if that’s no longer the case then of course we would probably ask her to show cause why it should not be revoked.”

G. Ben Thompson, a Myrtle Beach, S.C., developer, says he owns the property in New Providence where Smith has been staying. He told PEOPLE he purchased the house in August as a favor to Smith, whom he befriended after he met her through neighbors in mid-2005. Smith was supposed to sign a mortgage to buy the house from him, Thompson told PEOPLE, but she refused to do so.

However, Wayne Munroe, a Bahamian lawyer for Smith, told the AP that Smith does own the home: “I’ve physically seen the document that showed the property being conveyed to her.”

Also on Thursday, lawyers for Larry Birkhead – a photographer who says he’s the father of Smith’s newborn daughter – filed papers in the Bahamas alleging that Smith committed perjury by claiming to own the house.

In a press conference at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse on Thursday, Birkhead’s lawyer, Debra Opri, announced the allegations, including an accusation that Smith, and her companion Howard K. Stern, committed fraud when they listed Stern as the baby’s father on her Bahamian birth certificate. Opri said she has requested that Smith’s baby, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, have her surname changed to “Birkhead” on her birth certificate.

Birkhead, who was also present, told reporters: “I am the father of Dannielynn and it’s a crime what these people are doing with my daughter.”

On Wednesday, Hubert Ingraham, head of the Bahamas’ main opposition Free National Movement, questioned whether Smith is fit to be a resident of the country, where her son died three days after she gave birth to a daughter.

“Clearly, Anna Nicole Smith is not a fit and proper person to become a permanent resident of the Bahamas,” Ingraham said of the 38-year-old former Playboy model. “Her general character and reputation don’t commend her for such status.”

The law in the Bahamas states that a person owning a house there valued at more than $500,000 and having the means to reside without being employed – and being of good character – can be eligible for residency.

“If she doesn’t own the house, then she would not have met the policy conditions which the government of the Bahamas has with respect to the grant of permanent residence,” Ingraham said of Smith.

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