Bahamas Cops Go to U.S. to Investigate Smith Death

Police traveled to California to interview "doctors and others," an official tells PEOPLE

Although a private pathologist has said the death of Anna Nicole Smith’s son Daniel was caused by a lethal – but probably accidental – drug interaction, Bahamian police are still investigating the 20-year-old’s death.

Reginald Ferguson, assistant commissioner of the Royal Bahamas Police, tells PEOPLE exclusively that four officers from the island nation were in California last week, where they interviewed “doctors and others” as part of their ongoing investigation.

The officers, who were assisted by local law enforcement in California, were Chief Superintendent Marvin Dames, Assistant Superintendent Anthony Ferguson, Sgt. Frederick Taylor and Inspector Cleophus Cooper.

They interviewed a few different people – doctors – and tried to determine drugs and prescriptions and who may or may not have issued them,” says Ferguson. “All of those things have to be looked into because at the end of the day, when we send this file to the coroner, it will be expected that all these questions have got to be answered by the investigation.

The police ventured into the States to investigate Daniel’s background, Ferguson says, because he died roughly eight hours after he arrived in Nassau after traveling cross-country from California through Texas to Florida, where he boarded a flight in Miami for Nassau. Police know Daniel traveled from California to Florida next to the same seatmate, Ferguson said, but did not know the name of that person or whether he or she had any relationship with Daniel.

Although a final report is still in the works, Ferguson says, “Nothing that our investigators have found indicates any sort of criminality.”

According to Ferguson, a final police report could be turned over as soon as this week to the Bahamas attorney general, who must decide whether to hold a public inquest into the Sept. 10 death of Anna Nicole Smith’s son.

Daniel’s body, released from police custody to his mother, is currently in a Nassau funeral home awaiting burial.

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