Bacon Brought Home

Cult actor and parlor game subject Kevin Bacon, currently starring in “My Dog Skip,” was saluted in New York last night, by Lincoln Center’s Young Friends of Film. Accompanied by his wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick, Bacon proved a good egg as clips from his films (from “Animal House” to “Apollo 13”) were shown. “I think his most memorable movie is ‘Murder in the First,’ ” Sedgwick told PEOPLE Online, “although I don’t know that I’d let our kids watch it.” As for what Bacon, 41, himself thought of the evening’s honor: “To stand up and talk about myself and my own feelings — I find that very difficult. It makes me very emotionally unstable. And that I find sort of embarrassing.” Still, Bacon had no trouble facing the crowds. As he said during his speech: “I’ve decided that my gravestone will read: ‘No Oscar, but at least I have a game named after me.’ “

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