"All right, power laces!"

Credit: Universal/Everett

History 26 years in the making: Back to the Future Day has arrived!

Back to the Future Part II‘s vision of 2015 made a lot of bold predictions about the way the world would be. While we never really got around to doing the whole "double-tie" thing, the 1989 film has a surprisingly good track record. Here’s a partial running tally of what it got right about Oct. 21, 2015.

Wireless Video Games
At one point, Marty is mocked by some kids for his prowess at a video you actually have to touch, which anticipated gesture-controlled video games like the Wii and XBox Kinect.

Hollywood’s Obsession with Sequels

Thankfully, we’re not quite at the point of Jaws 19, but maybe one day soon.


Hoverboards, in various forms, are a real and true part of this world. Justin Bieber has tried one, as has Leonardo DiCaprio, who looked significantly more majestic during his attempt.

Flying Cars

Slovakian company AeroMobil debuted a prototype of a dual-use (driving and flying) vehicle in Vienna in October 2014, and at this year’s South by Southwest the company’s CEO Juraj Vaculik announced that the company was planning to debut the world’s first commercial car/plane in 2017.

Self-Lacing Shoes

Nike actually put down patent papers for these in 2010 and has been refining them since – NiceKicks.com has a thorough rundown of what’s changed since then at the link. Nike’s Tinker Hatfield discussed them in January, though he declined to offer specifics about the shoes’ release date or price.

High-Tech Glasses

Those glasses the McFlys are ordering food and taking calls on – remind you of anything Google’s put out recently? Google Glass didn’t become quite as ubiquitous as the film would have us believe, though.