September 11, 2003 12:43 PM

Viewers were glued to their TVs during Trista Rehn’s search for Mr. Right, so ABC is betting $1 million they’ll want to see “The Bachelorette” finally walk down the aisle.

The network has set a Nov. 26 premiere date for the televised wedding of Trista and her poetry-writing beau, Ryan Sutter, the Associated Press reports. The network says it will air the big event as a miniseries, wrapping up Dec. 3 and Dec. 10.

Not only will Trista and Ryan get their own free wedding video, but they’re also getting paid for their public vows. The Smoking Gun Web site reported that the couple — who recently held their bachelor and bachelorette parties on St. Martin in the Caribbean — received $100,000 upon signing a contract in May.

After exchanging vows they’ll receive another $500,000, with the balance of the $1 million paid out during production, AP reports.

But if they don’t follow through with their marriage they’ll have to return the $100,000 and they could possibly be held liable for breach of contract.

It’s all so very romantic, isn’t it?

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